I was a roofing contractor, and 2 people I knew fell off the roof. I didn't want to be the third person. I looked for roofing software to help me out, but there was nothing feasible available.

What it does

Pitch Gauge allows you to measure roofs using Google Maps Satellite view. Users can enter an address of a roof that they have to measure. They can then trace the roof using their finger or a stylus. It's as easy as drawing squares and triangles.

How we built it

We have built it on mobile since most roofing contractors and insurance adjusters are out in the field when they require measurements.

Challenges we ran into

Contractors hesitate to adopt new technology. We made Pitch Gauge intuitive and easy to use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Since our first launch, Pitch Gauge has had over 2 million downloads across Google Play and Apple App Store. We have been downloaded in over 175 different countries.

What we learned

With software technology, we can change the dangers of a whole industry.

What's next for Pitch Gauge

With the data that we have collected, we will build AI and ML systems that will assist our users even further.

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