Cards are expensive but smart phones sure aren't! We wanted to make sure that people could hate humanity without breaking the bank.

What it does

We load up the official decks and you can throw in some of your own using CardCast. We'll mix them all up and deal 'em out. Once you make your selection, thereby forming the _ most _ original joke, just turn your phone face down and it will be submitted. Then put your phone in the middle of the table (yes you have to find IRL friends to do this, :))))))) ) and then the cards will be randomized while the screens hide from your eyes. The card czar will then make a selection by tapping on the card that he also thinks is definitely original joke that you did not steal. After the selection is made, new cards will replace the old ones and a new czar will be chosen.

How we built it

We decided to dive into the world of Node.js and sprinkled in a little bit of React for a shiny looking front end. The database was parsed and built using Python and is implemented using sqlite. To support more cards than are available in the official version, we added the ability to get CardCast hosted cards by using an npm package API wrapper.

Challenges we ran into

  • Node.js
  • Promises
  • Callback hell
  • JavaScript in general
  • Not writing in Django
  • Browser caching

Accomplishments that we're proud of

If you can believe it the game actually works

What we learned

  • Higgins in cold
  • Odeum is cold
  • Worcester is also, in fact, cold
  • Significant improvement in understanding the Node environment and async programming techniques
  • Chrome Dev Tools are much better than Firefox Dev Tools
  • Debuggers are important

What's next for PiTau

  • More options for playing with friends
  • Different rule sets
  • Refactoring code for cleaner interactions with Promises
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