The main ideas behind the project: 1) Social impact – some ppl have insecurities on trying out certain cosmetic products/ clothing in actual retail shops and this website solves this issue by providing a platform for ppl to get a real-time experience of how the product looks on them and thereafter they can choose to shop the product. 2) To build the future of e-commerce

What it does

Pit-Stawp is an e-commerce website which allows users to experience a real-time trial of various products such as lipsticks, glasses & clothing. Users register themselves using their email and create an account with our user-friendly interface, upload an image of themselves and the system prompts them to the product which the user wishes to try on.

The product webpage hosts the details of the product such as color which the user can change to finalize on his or her best fit. As for the clothing, the system recommends a suitable size based on the image uploaded. Once finalized, the user can purchase the product by adding it to cart.

An additional feature of this website is that it comes with a virtual recommender. When the user uploads an image of a top that he or she likes, the virtual recommender, suggests a suitable pair of pants.

How I built it

The front-end development using HTML & CSS is managed by Priyan and Abhishek, while the back-end using Python & SQL is handled by Rishi and Samuel.

1247: Start of Hackathon Brainstorming of Ideas & Research 1500: Idea Finalization & Feasibility discussion Splitting of Work 1600: Abhishek and Priyan started working on the front-end web development, sourcing templates from Rishi and Samuel started working on the back-end development 2200: Completion of Front-End Version 1 0300: Version 1 of Back end completed 0500: Version 2 of Front End 1100: Trial Run of synching front-end & back end successful after multiple tries.

Challenges I ran into

  • Time constraint
  • Working with different servers

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Managing to complete a functional e-commerce website with virtual recommender ## What I learned

What's next for PIT-STWAP

Further development on including more products and allowing multiple checkouts to be possible at the same time

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