Many people in rural areas of El Salvador don't have reliable internet or data plans required for bitcoin payments, a lot of them depend on remittances from relatives in USA to purchase goods and services at local shops. A solution that enables them to pay using bitcoins with no internet would make a possitive impact in their lives and in the economy of local communities.

What it does

The system uses open bank project to host digital gift cards. The local business (merchants) use their mobile phone to create digital gift cards, offering discounts and promotions to the customers. Customers save ditigal gift cards in their phones by scanning a QR-Code, and share them with their relatives and friends, including in USA. Their relatives can then load funds in the gift cards allowing the customers in El Salvador to pay to the merchant.

How we built it

Android Apps, one for easy testing and sharing in open source, one for Merchants ( POS) and one for Customer ( APP). We used Open Bank Project. API (OBP) to create a bank, create accounts, and host the gift cards. BTCPAY project ( to accept bitcoin payments. Qredo account to link the bitcoin account to the OBP account via bank end server, to check bitcoin wallet balance, and transfer from Bank to wallet and wallet to bank The back end server is implemented in Integromat, uses OAuth to OBP, and includes connection to a tadabase - database for storing tokents, firebase messages, text messaging information.

Challenges we ran into

Learning the different pieces to implement

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Designing the system and adapting OBP api to achieve gift cards in a short time.

What we learned

About the OBP project and how flexible it is.

What's next for PISTO.NET a new bitcoin based payment system

Find for financial instituions or similar intersted in funding the project

Built With

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