We are a team of crypto enthusiasts who understand the problem of moving data from the real world to the blockchain. We are excited and inspired by Chainlink products. The additional inspiration we’ve got from dynamic NFT technology. Along with Chainlink it brings fantastic opportunities.

What it does

Pistis is designed to mainstream under-collateralized loans on-chain by composing a comprehensive financial reputation that leverages users’ DeFi, TradFi, and Personal data.

How we built it

Being big Chainlink fans we have monitored the progress of the company and its products. Upon visiting SmartCon and learning the new capabilities I got the idea of checking the user’s social score that I shared with the team. Together we found that there is a huge and well-understood unresolved issue of under-collateralized loan accessibility. Expanding the social score in addition to traditional creditworthiness score will bring much more value to both DeFi protocols and users.

Challenges we ran into

We spent quite much time on outdated documentation on external adaptor setup and run (there are two contracts and no sign which one to select for which purpose)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are proud of finishing the hackathon with a submission.
  • We are proud of setting up our own oracle and ability to provide data for Twitter verification for other projects.
  • We are proud of developing an external adaptor that allows to customize the logic of Chainlink Operator node. Two jobs were created for:
    1. Twitter verification
    2. Score calculation ## What we learned
  • We learned to setup and run Chainlink Operator node and create own oracle.
  • We learned data feeds, VRF, automation technologies from Chainlink ## What's next for Pistis Score
  • Improve the calculation model
  • Integrate with on-chain lenders
  • Add more data sources for Personal, TradFi & DeFi channels.
  • Add guarantee role to onboard users with no or little on-chain historic data
  • Startup DAO reputation composed of the scores of its members

Built With

  • chainlink-operator
  • chainlink-vrf
  • dynamic-nft
  • ipfs
  • moralis
  • node.js-(nestjs-framework)
  • quicknode-for-blockchain-api
  • react
  • solidity
  • typescript
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