Homeless shelters and charities help thousands of homeless people restart their life every year. Unfortunately, many more are left without help. It is not possible for these organizations to scale without financial funding. We found that even though most people want to donate, they are too busy to go through the current donation process or feel as if little amount of donations cannot make a difference.

There are alot of great organizations with high success rates. This means we already have processes that work. The only thing we need is scale. More and more people should have access to help.

What it does

Pistachio rounds up your transaction to the next dollar and donates the difference to local homeless charities/organizations.

The idea is simple, but it's been proven Acorns ( an app that invests change into your savings ). The infrastructure needed for this app is minimal, which means this is scalable.

How we built it

We used react native to build the app, aws to host our server, node js to write our serverside code.

What's next for Pistachio

Proper integration with Plaid and Stripe

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