We love space and friends and pizza -- and who doesn't love a good party? We certainly don't! That's where pISSa party was born.

How it works

We request the location of our users, who are then prompted to submit their telephone number. Once we have this data, we calculate when the next flyover of the International Space Station will be for that user. The next thing is we prepare the pizza for liftoff. We'll send the user a template invite to their own pISSa party that they can send to all their friends. Once we are within a few hours of alignment with the space station we call the user and patch them into a call with their local pizza dealer.

Challenges I ran into

Coding is hard in outer space. Working with antigravity physics is outta this world!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Send pizzas from the moon.

What I learned

How to send pizzas from the moon.

What's next for Pissa Party

Send pizza from Mars!

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