Pi Day is fast approaching, and with it the peak of public awareness about mathematics and science. Let's use this momentum of public sympathy and secure some much needed funding and computational power for the world of science.

Irrationally fund science!

What it does

PiSlices is a cryptocurrency with a double twist. The hash function of the blockchain will be repurposed in order to find mersenne primes and execute other scientific computation. This will reduce the waste of computational power from crypto mining and repurpose it into science.

How we built it

We worked on multiple fronts. Builting the website in html5 & css3 from an adapted html5up template. Meanwhile growth hacking our way to over 300 insta followers, and building an iOS app for increased exposure. The actual token is built on an ERC-20 token using solidity.

There is only 1 pie in existence, split into πx10^9 slices.

Challenges we ran into

Testing the smart contract.

What's next for Pislice

ICO is live now! Depends on how the ICO goes. If we reach our soft cap of 5ETH we plan to get listed on at least one exchange and keep PiSlice alive.

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