Our inspiration comes from the passion we have for watches and technology. We are a army of two, Mattheus Pirovani, the tech guy and a lover of the art of watchmaking and Marcio Meireles, the guy who knows every detail of the conception of a watch project, he is a master in the area with many project already created. Putting it all together combined by the blockchain's potential and capacity, we decided to structure our business around this world.

What it does

We want to create a watch company that uses 100% blockchain technology, via the creation of a DAO, to define collections, designers, guarantee authenticity, trade between owners and everything possible to be done via the technology.

How we built it

We initially created Smart Contracts using Ethereum technology, but we postponed the launch for my personal reasons (Mattheus Pirovani). Now we are back and we are deeply studying the NEO technology, which to me is much more familiar as I am a certified C# programmer with many years of experience. As for the prototype of our first collection, all technical details are available on our website.

Challenges we ran into

In an ocean of possibilities, like the blockchain world, our biggest difficulty is to establish a marketing strategy, for which we have no expertise

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud to have built our prototype watch model, created our website, developed our smart contract.

What we learned

We learned that the market has a lot of potential and that we need a lot of marketing support, as getting the attention in the middle is very complicated.

What's next for Pirovani Watches

Our next step is to return our entire technology stack to the NEO platform and get support on marketing-related issues (which is our most sensitive point).

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