You will need access to a Raspberrry Pi with a Raspberry Pi Camera Module!

Note: due to time constraints, we have not tried building this project from scratch on a brand new Raspberry Pi image, so download at your own risk!

Project Architecture

How We built it

The Discord bot was built using Python following the Discord API documentation.

The image taker was built using Python and communicates to AWS's S3 service to store the data, and it was automated via a Cron task.

The Posture API was built using the Flask framework and its RESTful API example codes.

The posture model was trained using Keras CNN libraries on the Tensorflow platform.

Design Choices

Why Raspberry Pi?

We chose to go with a Raspberry Pi + Camera module due to the following reasons:

  • Rapid hardware prototyping: this acts as a proof-of-concept for potential upgrades to USB webcams, or even dedicated PCB modules
  • Cheap costs + hobbyist support: you can set up this project for around $150 max. (Pi + Camera module), compared to setting this up with a USB webcam and a dedicated computer ($???)
  • Better photo angle: using a Laptop front camera would make it hard to analyze your back posture

Why Discord bot?

  • Interest: something we wanted to work on!
  • Ease of use: Discord bots are something many people have worked with and are starting to be more familiar with
  • Accessible platform: As a growing platform for collaboration, especially with the presence of COVID-19, people can easily incorporate this bot into their workflow

Our Mission

With the continued presence of COVID-19 in 2021, many students and professionals are now forced to study/work/be productive at home. One problem that this working environment has created is the increased time spent sitting in front of a desk. We created this Discord bot to remind the growing population of people working from home to protect our backs against the damaging effects of sitting with bad posture and to maintain a healthy work-from-home environment.


  • ✅ Generate daily reports on your back posture!
  • ✅ Generate reports based on specific time intervals!

File Structure

  • api contains code pertaining to the Flask API endpoint we developed
  • bot contains code for the Discord bot that communicates with the API
  • model contains code for the CNN model we trained

Potential Next Steps...

These are potential next steps/implementations of this project:

  • Add a hardware response when bad posture is detected (ie. servo arm slapping the user, buzzer beeping)
  • Build dedicated hardware (ie. Pi compute module) for the project
  • Compile a more thorough dataset to contain different postures, people and working environments
  • Train a more robust model on the new dataset for better posture predictions
  • Provide more features to the Discord bot


The Keras neural net structure and data pipeline was inspired by saubury's posture-watch: https://github.com/saubury/posture-watch The API was exposed for the demo through the help of https://localtunnel.github.io/www/.

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