Having an adequate sewage system is very important in maintaining healthy sanitation standards in society. Leaks and clogs in sewage pipes, if left unchecked, can cause problems such as mold in the water system, contaminated water into house faucets, and more pipes being damaged. To address this problem, we want to find a way to locate and communicate problems in water pipes as quickly as possible so that proper action is taken quickly.

What it does

Our hackathon project is a pipe leak detection system that measures irregularities in the sewage flow rate. If there is an unusual increase of decrease in the rate that the water flows, our project will check if the problem is a clog or a leak in the pipe.

How we built it

We built our project using a ultrasonic sensor and an Arduino board to calculate our measurements. The sensor will check if every 5 seconds on the change of flow rate. If we find that there is an irregular rate in the pipe, the display will show a message that there is an irregularity detected.

Challenges we ran into

Many of the problems we faced is getting the hardware to work when we connect on the breadboard. We had to deal with lots of wires and reconnections in order for our project to work successfully.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're extremely proud of our implementation of our ultrasonic system. It was all our first time working with hardware, so being able to create this in less than 24 hours is a rewarding experience.

What we learned

We learned how we can connect to the Arduino and how it connects with other devices such as a display and the sensor. We got to experiment with other Arduino libraries that help in taking our measurements.

What's next for Pipe Water Leak & Clog Detection

We hope that our project is applied to piping systems nationwide. This will make it easier for sewage workers to identify where a leak may be happening and allow adequate time to respond to the problem.

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