Many of us had nostalgia for doing a game similar to the first game that we created together. However, we decided to completely revamp the physics, graphics, and ideology to make a better and more fun product. We even made it have 4 players. Title and character names were inspired by our Computer Architecture class.

What it does

Controls Movement keys are [WASD], [IJKL], [TFGH], [UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT]. Beam attack keys are E, O, Y, and RIGHT_SHIFT. Special attacks exclusive to each character are Q, R, U, FORWARD_SLASH. Pressing the down key in the air results in a faster slam attack which deals damage. Double tapping left or right keys initiates a faster dash. All attacks besides slamming deal recoil. Health is tracked out of 100 points, and only one character can heal health.

The Characters Bulbastore (STORE) - Green character. Special attack stores energy and then releases it in a strong blast. Loadstar (LOAD) - Yellow character. Special attack loads mines into the world, which explode when another player makes contact. Jumpernaut (JUMP) - Blue character. Special attack initiates a super jump. Slamming during this jump creates 3 times the impact. Mad Adder (ADD) - Red character. Special attack damages enemy with beam and adds their health to own health.

How to Win Fight to the death free for all, last one standing wins. Those who lose all of their health are losers. SAD!

Simply put, this game is fun for the whole family.

How we built it

Java, GLSL Shaders, LWJGL, Black Magic. That's it.

Challenges we ran into

Learning how to use GLSL Shaders for high quality rendering on Java.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

4 player awesomeness, making one of the nerdiest games ever.

What's next for Pipe Stalling

Online Multiplayer. We have the basis for the network, but didn't have time to finish.

Built With

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