We decided to make this project according to the specifications (specs) described by Citadel Casing Solutions.

What it does

Pipe Out is a mobile app that runs on both iOS and Android that computes dimensions and strengths of steel pipe given limited user input.

How we built it

We used React Native and GraphQL to build the app, and PostgreSQL, Node.js, GraphQL, and Express.js for the database and server.

Challenges we ran into/Accomplishments that we're proud of

We couldn't find a dropdown menu that we liked in React Native, so we coded our own.

What we learned

We gained experience in writing software for a client with needs and use cases, as opposed to writing code for an academic assignment with a rubric.

What's next for Pipe Out

If chosen as the winner of the Citadel Casing Solutions, we will move to further development according to specs provided.

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