In the video, there was mention of the amount of water lost through ways outside of those normally discussed (long showers, leaving faucet running, etc.) So I thought about what other ways water could be lost through the system and eventually thought of this.

What it does

Detects a change of water flow from one (start) sensor to another (end) sensor and sends an alert if the difference is significant.

How I built it

Using 2 water flow rate sensors and the resistors and wires provided in the kit. Also with a few sections of sprinkler pipes and some valves to simulate a pipe break.

Challenges I ran into

Figuring out how to use the ARTIK. Getting the sensors. Also the specific parts needed (Only one hardware store had the necessary parts for the pipes and valves.)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making something. Also that the pipes did not leak when i tested them on the first try.

What I learned

It's is harder than it seems to make even simple things. No matter how much planning is involved something always manages to go wrong on the first attempt.

What's next for Pipe Monitor

Ultrasonic sensors and ARTIK 1 boards to allow for use with greater distance between the sensors

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