While looking through the twitter app, we found a metal pipe sound effect which caught our attention. At the same time, we realized that we were supposed to be doing homework, which became the inspiration for our Pipe Bot Timer.

What it does

First of all, it includes a timer, in which you can set with a number. Once the bot is active, you can use !new to prompt the bot for a number for minutes, which you can use with a decimal. Once you input this number, the timer will wait for this input's minutes, and once the timer is done, it will mention you in the chat that it is done. As a secondary function, if you are in a voice channel, you can use the function !music to have a chance of the bot playing a pipe falling sound effect. Finally, you can use !disconnect to disconnect the bot.

How we built it

Due to the fact that we had no prior knowledge of discord bot API, we were at a loss. However, thanks to tutorials online and our blood, sweat, and pipe sounds, we were able to create a bot that we can call our own.

Challenges we ran into

A huge challenge we ran into was actually getting the bot running in the server. While the actual action of doing it wasn't difficult, the first step in any project, especially one we have no prior knowledge, can be very difficult, which is why we're proud that we were able to create something.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I think the biggest accomplishment that we had was actually creating the bot, and seeing it work for the first time in our small testing server was something that we can be proud of.

What we learned

With the knowledge that we learned over this weekend, we have learned how many of our favorite discord bots work, along with the time and effort that gets put into them. This can also be translated to being able to actually create bots ourselves for our own use.

What's next for Pipe Bot Timer

In the future, we hope to release the bot to the public with more refined coding. Additionally, being able to sync up the pipe sounds with the timer will make this bot a complete product, which is what we hope to do with this bot.

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