Bridging the gap between student interest and the typical Ghanaian education system

How it works

In its simplest form, it is a game. It comprises concepts from number of commonly played games in the ghanaian society such as snakes and ladders, and scrabble. As a board game, player(s) come tiles that read pick a card as they move through the game. This send the player to a stack of cards where each card has a math question printed on it. A correct answer earns the player points while a wrong answer loses a player his some point. The number of points gained or depends on the level a player has reached. Level 1 is mark all in red, 2 in green and 3 in blue. The difficulty is seen in the difficulty if the questions at each stage.

Challenges I ran into

Scoping the target group. Slow Internet; brought our development cycle to a crawl

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-Created a physical board game to go with the app. We plan to allow a user to take a picture of the board whiles playing. The app will extract the game state from the image, and the user can continue playing seamlessly on the mobile app. -More importantly the physical version allows people who don't have access to smart phones to partake in our awesome game experience.

What I learned

-Team Building -Working under pressure

What's next for Pipe

Making the game more awesome -Integration with Facebook (play with friends) -Allowing expansion of enable seamless play between the physical board game and the mobile app. -Partnership with private and public schools to make it a standard tool for test preparation.

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