As someone who is a student, I have a lot of videos of my lectures that are recorded on my phone. The only issue that comes with this is that the pre installed media players do not allow us to multitask while watching our videos. For eg. watch the lecture while reading a pdf that contains the notes on that lecture.

What it does

Our PiP-layer allows a picture in picture experience. The app will first search your entire phone for any mp4 format files and lists them to our front end. We select a video and the video starts playing. While the video is playing maybe you would like to surf the internet as well, our app has a button on the top left hand corner that makes the window smaller and now the video keeps player and you can watch it and hear it but you can also perform other activites in the background.

How we built it

The whole app was built and android studio. The Picasso API were used to search throughout the device's memory, to list the videos and their thumbnails. The media player tool was used to create a video player interface and functionality. The google PiP (Picture in Picture) API was used to create reduce the video player's window dimensions.

Challenges we ran into

There were many, soo many to even count, but in a brief review: device access permissions, using the recyclerview, using picasso, using the PiP orientation functions, severly sleep deprived...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of just managing to complete a working android application. There were moments when we were tired and it seemed like a lost cause but persevering through it and getting a WORKING end product was exciting.

What we learned

We learned how to work on 2 hours of sleep, quite a bit of android studio and some awsome APIs and their functionalities.

What's next for PIP-layer

We would like to continue with Cloud Computing and use the google speech to text app or the aws service transcribe to perform sentiment analysis and a recommendation system.

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