Team Members
R. Stanley Hum, Matthew Monteleone, Rivelle Zlatopolsky, Natalie Kuehn, Michael Brenner

DESCRIPTION OF FEATURES PIP stands for Preoperative, Intraoperative and Postoperative. These are the three phases of surgery, which encompass the Perioperative Care. The primary goal of Perioperative Care is to provide better conditions for patients before operation, during operation, and after operation. PIP is a tool we hope will aid fears by becoming a guide that will prepare parents and their children for both the physical and psychological components of before, during and after surgery.

Once a surgical procedure is scheduled, PIP will guide you through Pre-Op Instructions, Healthcare team interactions with the patient, useful parent + hospital resources both in and out of the hospital. It demystifies the fear under critical conditions and provides information and a voice for the parents, in the process. It also will help nurses and providers by having a reliable resource, when they can’t be the ones to calm fears or answer immediate questions. The details of care, the specificity of use and the tailoring provided by this app are what sets it apart as unique, informative and essential component in the interaction between patient and care provider.

FHIR Resource List
The resources we are proposing to utilize are patient identifiers such as Name, Sex, Date of Birth as well as Assessment and Plan of Treatment.

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