Estée Lauder is built on a strong mission focused on equity, inclusion and belonging. However, we know the beauty industry has long been behind, only promoting a single standard of beauty. In recent years, there has been growth in inclusive beauty due to many factors including disruptor brands, representation in advertising across categories and the rise of the creator economy. Recent Estée Lauder launches such as the VMA app and recognition as the Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion showcase leadership in the industry. Our inspiration was to build on top of these advances through Customer Engagement Journeys powered by Braze.

What it does

Delivers an accessible customer engagement journey across digital properties and in-store that empowers and celebrates individuals in the visually impaired community.

How we built it

We utilized Braze's mobile SDK's, cross-channel messages across push, in-app channels and Audience Sync to showcase how a customer journey would look for the visually impaired community via 3 pillars: messaging in the VMA app, community via social media and phygital.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges we anticipate will be ensuring that the personalized journeys created for visually impaired consumers takes account of what community needs as part of marketing communications and providing accessibility to tools which make engagement with marketing content easier and truly bring an authentic voice that the community can relate to, therefore partnering with people who bring can elevate ELC as the leader in inclusive communications. Another challenge will be ensuring all the right safeguards are in place for the capture and use of VMA user data for ongoing marketing communications, through working with ELC Legal and Privacy teams.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Connecting new technologies launched by ELC (VMA) into existing eco-system (to consumer data platform and Braze) to drive ongoing high touch consumer engagement. Our idea shows that VMA is a fantastic launchpad to expand on ELC's mission to build a real inclusive partnership with consumers who's needs are not always met.

What we learned

Consumers with Visual impairment have multiple blockers which limit their full participation in the journey with beauty and wellness. Exploring this idea highlighted all the touch-points which need to be modified to cater for inclusivity.

What's next for Pioneer customer journey for the visually impaired community

For inclusivity to become fully embedded in all consumer marketing journeys from the outset, and take direction from the visually impaired community forums so they feel heard and listened to in all ELC consumer engagements.

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