During the ’14 Emory HackATL, our team demonstrated the prototype of indoor Wifi signal triangulation project (Digital Sixth), and won 2nd place. The newly named project “PINTRAK” is reshaped to be a better fit for retail businesses based on the previous project. PINTRAK can triangulate Wifi, Bluetooth, iBeacon, BLE, and GSM signals from mobile phones and wearable devices. With an improved triangulation system, it can pinpoint the signal source more accurately. The web based dashboard system allows retail business owners to understand their customers’ shopping behavior and make better decisions on a planogram and their products. In addition, we are introducing a SmartShopper mobile app that is powered by the PINTRAK system to deliver useful product information to shoppers of products within their vicinity. More over, SmartShopper knows a shopper’s interest based on individual web search history and shopper’s pattern of locale when shopping in a store. It delivers highly targeted advertisements/coupons to a shopper at the moment of purchasing decision. PINTRAK is redesigned to provide a full-enhanced experience for both shoppers and retail stores. It’s a complete retail analytic solution.

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