Recently, there have been many instances of racial discrimination and hate across our country. In response to this, we decided to create a website where people struggling with discrimination and hate can share their experiences with others, and where people can view others' stories in order to learn about hate crimes that are affecting people across our country.

We used JavaScript(/NodeJS) as the major programming language for our project, using it to deal with all server side requests and to display certain things on the website, such as the map and videos. For the client, we used HTML and CSS to be the website look clean and polished.

The biggest challenge we ran in to was trying to get Echo AR to work. We wanted people to have the videos playing in their home, so they could feel more personal, but using Echo AR was much more challenging than we anticipated. In the end, we were not able to develop a completely functional system, but we managed to get some aspects of it to work.

We are proud of the website and design, and how it looks relatively clean and polished, especially compared to the websites we had in past hackathons. Additionally, we thought the map and videos worked really well.

We learned how to use Google Maps API, and some of us who were not already familiar with HTML and CSS learned how to use those. Additionally, we learned how to use Echo AR, and how to use file uploading and text boxes.

In the future, we want Pins for Peace to have some new features like a sorting system based on the type of story. Additionally, we want to publicize Pins for Peace in order for it to actually become a relevant platform for people to share and view stories.

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