where the $#%^! are you? is a quick and clean location sharing app. Share your location as easily as sharing a link to co-ordinate a meet up, or track your own location as you move around!


Meeting up with people, especially in crowded or unfamiliar places is hard. Assembling at the University of Waterloo for Hack The North was especially difficult since half our team is from out of town, and one of our members arrived much after dark, when it was difficult to identify both building landmarks and street signs.

Here's an outline of what typically happens without

  • Be confused about where you are
  • Be confused about where your friend is
  • Send a text to your friend and wait 5 minutes for no reply
  • Call your friend, who doesn't hear the phone ring because it's too loud
  • Walk around aimlessly trying to find your friend
  • Repeat several times
  • Feel sad

Here's an outline of the typical user's experience with

  • Be confused about where you are in a foreign or crowded position
  • Open
  • Share link with a friend (or many!)
  • Friend(s) open the link, share their locations
  • Walk/otherwise transport yourself with the guidance of your friends
  • Meet up!
  • Close

Target Audience

The lost and/or confused. Anyone looking for a super-quick way to find people.

Awesome Key Features is a lightweight web app that uses the Google Maps API to help people find themselves and each other (in a literal sense).

  • No names
  • No records
  • No OS exclusivity
  • No registration required

The overriding design goal for was to make it as clean and simple as possible. The idea is that finding yourself and your friends should be as easy as possible, without the hassle of signing up for a service, downloading an app, or worrying that your location data will be recorded or logged.

Tech uses a number of awesome code-things work properly:


No need to install, this is a web app.



About the Hackers

We're a group of first year's from a few different schools, who graduated in the same high school class. We get lost on a fairly regular basis.

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