Once time, my friend Quan showed me about the AI bot of Elon Musk, and I was impressed by that. I really want to develop a model like Elon Mush and his team had created.

What it does

This bot is able to reply to your messages. Also, this bot will help you to relax because of those silly responses. Even though, the bot name is Dumb Bot, at first I was thinking of Dumb Dumb-sound quite cute huh:")), but for some reasons I mistook and named it as Dumb Bot and I could not change it due to the policy of Discord.. Please do not judge me for that:(

How I built it

I got the transcript of Pinocchio on Transcript Wiki, using Google Collaboratory to extract the data which were name of characters and their lines of speech. Stored data in .csv file. Using Google Collaboratory to train the model and display on HuggingFace. Using Discord Api to create the bot via Replit and host the bot on UptimeRobot

Challenges I ran into

First time using Google Collaboratory and HuggingFace. Therefore, I ran into memory error when training to model. I just throwed lots of line of code in and hope it worked. It took me 2-3hrs to research and fixed. Then for some reasons, it did not work on HuggingFace, I then researched again what was the error of "this model is not allowed to do..."

Accomplishments that I am proud of

I actually made a small model bot. Hurray! Even though, it is not prefect, sometimes, the bot will stop during the conversation or take long time to load its data, it is still my first AI bot!

What I learned

I know a bit of using Google Collaboratory, HuggingFaces, and Python Torch. Training an AI is hard. There are so much things that I have to learn.

What's next for Pinocchio AI Chat Bot

I was thinking combine both chat bot and game bot together. I actually made some game functions, but it did not run well with the chat bot since when I used the game command, the chat functions will interrupt and the game could not be played.


I aim for Best Beginner Hack.

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