As we Were all in a new place (or have been gone to at least once) and we thought of how it might be dangerous hanging out in a place that is new to you, we narrowed this from many other ideas like "pink taxi" or "walk body" which were all ideas about women safety while being alone.

What it does

It shows danger accidents (like attacks, gang hangouts) and safety zones (like police stations) and other information that might make a walker feel safe like (stores opening hours) and finding if this is a safe place to walk or be alone in it.

How I built it

we built it with android studio, with one team member designing two doing peer programming (as being new to android app development) and a member working alone we tried conducting a quick usability test

Challenges I ran into

the biggest challenge was not having experience with android studio and app development, however this was our goal, playing with something new and trying to explore it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

as two member doing there first hackathon, one newbie and a great member around us, meeting new people building a team that was able to communicate and share ideas and build a working version of the original idea.

What I learned

  • android studio
  • sharing ideas and coming up with a product idea
  • time is valuable, in one day you can learn a lot and befriend great people

What's next for PinkRoads

(future work) these points could be added by people who are familiar with the zone or who knew about or saw an accident and reported it to the app. (future work) a sing up and sign in (future work) knowing these information an app could give a rate or a percentage of the zone or path safety these are the basic ideas many others could be integrated

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