Create Awareness on Breast Cancer & Raise funds to donate for Breast Cancer Research.

What it does

Year 2020 has revolutionized Online Shopping as most of the Business depends on e-comm platform. Pink Product Page is a special page that will create Awareness on Breast Cancer. It will help health tips, food styles & expert advice about BCA. This page can be shared in Social Media platforms (FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram). Products purchased from the page will attracth 10% Discount. In the Cart page customer will have the option to either utilize the discount OR Donate the amount for Breast Cancer Research.

How we built it

Platform Used :: Drupal, PHP, Jquery,

Challenges we ran into

Faced challenges to get list of pink products from the ELC brand.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In short span of time we have developed a mock up page to list pink products.

What we learned

No matter we are remotely connected, we can connect with our Ideas & work as team to accomplish. First attempt in creating a video, It has improved our presentation skills.

What's next for Pink Product Page

Successfully developing a Pink Product page, Generate customer traffic & Raise funds for BCA Organization.

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