Pink Planet

If you go to a tech school or work in the tech industry and have trouble finding other girls to hang out with, you’re not alone. While more and more females are breaking into tech-related fields, many colleges and companies can be a majority male. In college it can be hard to find other girls to hang out with without joining a sorority or a sports team. In the industry, especially if you’re new in town, it can be hard to make new female friends. That’s why our team of developers created Pink Planet. This app will help connect you with other girls and women at your college or near your job. You can search by college, major, location, age, hobbies, and software/hardware interests. The app will connect through user’s Facebook accounts and university or company emails so we can be sure everyone is who they say they are. It is very important to us that we help ensure the safety and comfort of all of our users. While this app puts an emphasis on girls in computing/technology related majors and women in technology related professional fields, it is open to all girls in the areas the app has launched.

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