Why should the year 2020 go down in the history books as the Covid-19 pandemic year with restrictions and social distancing norms ? Why can't it be remembered for good ? The MVP team from Infosys Ltd. , desires to make the year 2020 to be remembered as the year when PINK·E was born to eradicate breast cancer. Inspiration for the name came from the movie WALL·E.

What it does

PINK·E : Propaganda by Intelligent Non-deterministic Knowledge · Extractor, a solution built out of Machine Learning, uses data available from the countries where breast cancer awareness is high, to create a Machine Learning model to identify hotspots of high breast cancer occurrences. This ML model is run on countries where the awareness reach is less, to predict potential hotspots and identify demographic insights. PINK·E integrates with digital media providers like Facebook, You tube, etc. to create targeted breast cancer awareness campaigns using the identified demographics, to reach billions of people across the globe, located in any corner of the world to create awareness and improve the reach of the Breast Cancer awareness campaigns.

How we built it

Platforms used Python v3.8 Anaconda Navigator v2020.07 Jupyter Notebook v6.0.3 YouTube Ad Campaign Manager Facebook Ad Manager

Libaries used pandas numpy matplotlib seaborn train_test_split tenserflow keras

Challenges we ran into

With limited understanding of the medical field, we were not able to determine what are the exact medical factors causing breast cancer. The factors which are considered as variables in our current ML model for Proof of Concept (POC), are theoretical factors that we thought could cause breast cancer and may deviate from actual ones. If we get more insights on the medical factors and build the model on the actual real world medical factor data, PINK·E would become even more powerful and her predictions would be more accurate to the practical world.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We noticed this Hackathon flyer reminder email from Infosys, only on the last day of the registration and 'The MVP' team (Manish Yadav, Vinay Awasthi, Thomas Philjon) got together to brainstorm if we could come up with a solution, without the faintest idea that we were going to take part in this hackathon. As we were brainstorming, we envisioned a world where there is no fear of breast cancer, and awareness of the early screening and checkups using a solution has impacted the lives of billions of women to eradicate breast cancer. Being able to participate in our first hackathon and come up with such an exciting solution for this problem statement is something we would take pride in.

What we learned

There is a whole different field of medical science which could benefit from technology. Machine Learning - Novices in the field, but took help of mentors in Infosys to hone our skillset. Video skills - First attempt to create a video. Turned out very well. Presentation skills - Enhanced our skillset. Team bonding - Despite being part of the same team already, this Hackathon bonded us even closer.

What's next for PINK·E

Seeing successful IMPLEMENTATION of the solution and ERADICATION of breast cancer. PINK·E : Propaganda by Intelligent Non-deterministic Knowledge · Extractor - Our solution to a Breast Cancer-free world.

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