We are inspired by one of our friend's mother. She was so respective person to us and unfortunately, she died of breast cancer. This incident really touched our emotions and from that moment we started to be conscious of breast cancer.

What it does

  1. An interactive device to perform self-breast examination regularly
  2. A platform that makes people conscious & provides a guideline about breast cancer
  3. Breaking the social stigma using our enhanced makeup box

To know more : link

How we built it

We built it from scratch. This journey was really great for us. We used Vue.js framework for the website and managed API through PHP Laravel Framework. We used Amazon ec2 service for hosting our system. And also, We made our app with unity and used ARCore and Vuforia for Augmented Reality. This is how we designed our makeup box: Alt text

Challenges we ran into

We faced many challenges during this Hackathon. Because we conducted everything online. We had to do that kind of work that we never did. This was quite challenging for us. Time management was also challenging to pull this project out from our creative ideas.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. The first MVP completed
  2. Smart Makeup box prototype completed
  3. Have earlier customers From own connections

What we learned

We learned a lot during these hackathon days and the awesome part is that we tried to do those things we never try before. We worked together throughout the whole competition and we enjoyed it.

What's next for Pink Decoder

  1. Launch smart makeup box for early users (beta)
  2. Alpha / Beta testing of our app & website
  3. Community building through our system
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