This project is a mobile app prototype that provides a suite of fast-paced and fun hypercasual gaming experiences played within augmented reality. Interstitial PSA informational cards will appear to reinforce breast cancer awareness, prompt reminders for screenings, fundraise breast cancer research through In-App purchases and promote any upcoming local charity events. We challenged ourselves to see how many unique game mechanics we could develop using the eponymous Pink Ribbon.


Pink Ribbon The internationally recognized brand for Breast Cancer awareness is used for activities to promote fundraising, goodwill and support for breast cancer survivors. There is a lack of presence in the mobile games economy.

Hypercasual game mechanics Hyper-casual games are mobile games offering instant gameplay that have simple mechanics such as stacking, turning, and falling. This type of mobile game is designed to be lightweight with minimal onboarding.

Technology / Game Assets

The mobile app was developed in Unity 3D version 2019.3.14. We decided to develop the app for IOS using the respective AR Foundation and ARKit plugins to achieve gameplay in real-time 3D space. All UI+game assets were developed using Blender, Pro Tools and Photoshop.

*AWS Get Started Program award submission “Awareness”

Built With

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