Our motivation is mainly to relieve stress and provide an outlet for mental stimulation. This is because in our own lives, we’ve noticed during stressful times we tend to distract ourselves by performing various tasks in order to relieve stress or take focus off the issue such as cooking and cleaning to name a few. Because we felt this helped us during stressful times, we want to provide this experience to all users in an accessible way through our game and ultimately encourage users to engage in healthy habits.

What it does

Pingu machine is a web-based game where users will help their game character Pingu organize and keep his home in great shape by performing various tasks in form of mini-games such as organizing Pingu's shirts and wiping Pingu’s bathroom mirror. By completing these tasks, they contribute to daily rewards for Pingu to upgrade his home and achieve the ultimate wellness space.

How we built it

In terms of our technical overview, we used p5.js which allowed us to manipulate the HTML canvas to draw our scenes and objects and CSS for minor webpage styling in regards to programming, for our code base and web posting we use GitHub and finally for our UI/UX we used Figma.

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge we encountered was wanting to do an IOS/android based game but due to timeline constraints we decided to opt for a web version.

The second challenge was prevalent within transferring the Figma designs within p5 more specifically the aspect ratios and exporting images as Figma uses SVG and the final game images were in PNG.

What's next for Pingu Machine

Due to the fact, only one of our members is proficient in programming in addition to the one-month timeline, we felt we were unable to add any additional features than the ones implemented. Thus, we decided to simply stick with 2 rooms with 2-3 tasks each to give users a general idea of what they can expect. However, in the future, we would love to implement a play-with-friends feature, as can be seen in the image shown on the slide deck as well as extensions of rooms and mini-games within them.

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