I love the Alexa and wanted to build something useful. My wife insists on never putting her phone down in the same place so having the ability to fire off an audible alarm from the Alexa seemed like a good idea.

What it does

You can find your iPhone easily by asking the Alexa App where your phone is. You can also create groups of people who all have the App and communicate with them directly from your Alexa device or through the App itself.

How I built it

Architecture map is attached. I wanted our team to get familiar with some of the new Amazon services and this was a good opportunity.

Challenges I ran into

Documentation is sometimes lacking but support was useful in filling in the blanks. Getting stuck for 30 days in the Apple review process was not all that much fun either. What ended up happening is the skill got published but Apple had not yet approved the iPhone app so we got some bad skill reviews as the app wasn't live yet and therefore the skill was useless.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I watch our Fabric numbers pretty religiously and it is fun to see how people use the app.

What I learned

Almost all of the Amazon Web Services used to build the back end were learned from scratch.

What's next for Alexa Phone Finder

Our company,, is mainly focused on lead distribution software for marketing companies and advertising agencies. We are thinking through options on how Alexa will change the lead generation industry and what we can do to be involved. For the app/skill itself, we will probably add Android support in the coming months. Other than that we will continue to monitor usage through Fabric in order to see if there are opportunities for making the app more usable. How it will or could ever make idea.

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