As freshmen in university, it's been difficult to meet people outside of extracurricular organizations. Not everybody has the self-confidence to stride up to a person and get to know them, so we created an alternative method to meet new people and hang out with them.

What it does

When a user creates a Ping, they create a field around their location that contains up to five interests. When another user goes within that area with the same interests, they are notified and have the option to Pong back, and see the location of the Ping, where they can then meet up with the original poster. After an hour, the Ping expires to prevent miscommunications.

How we built it

We used NodeJS with Mongoose as a backend along with MongoDB for database storage, and Twilio for phone verification. For the front end, we used HTML5 and CSS3 and packaged the files using Phonegap for mobile use.

Challenges we ran into

First-time usage of the Twilio API proved to be a significant problem, as well as creating phone notifications using FireBase with Phonegap.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Incorporating a wide variety of services and APIs into an application for the first time is what we're most proud of, as well as learning how to create a multi-platform app.

What we learned

  • In terms of technical skills: Making an API server from scratch, as well as how to create a cross-platform app.
  • Non-technical skills: Communicating between client-side and server-side development. ## What's next for PingPong
  • Incorporating native push notifications was one of the challenges that we failed to overcome, and we'd like to solve that in the future.
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