Do you have a friend that always gets lost or is constantly late to meet-ups? One of our team members is that friend. We had scheduled a meeting before the hackathon to discuss our plans. He didn't show up for half an hour, and we didn't know where he was. He gave us the inspiration for PingPoint.

PingPoint is an Android application where people can connect with friends and share their locations with groups of friends. Finding friends in a large place such as a mall, or an amusement park can be a really big pain, and our app solves your problem. PingPoint is a great app for anyone who has to keep track of groups of people.

Friends with PingPoint can form a group and turn on location sharing so they can see each other on the group map. This way, they can keep track of each other or find each other when someone gets lost. With PingPoint, people can also communicate by dropping Pings onto the map, which can be customized with messages and viewed by anyone in the group. There is no limit to the number of friends someone can have or the number of groups they can join. The user interface is clear and simple, and anyone can easily learn how to use PingPoint.

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