I was looking for an African payment provider that will let me integrate Payment into my application with as little paperwork as possible. Most developers in Africa want to build, are independent and most are not affiliated to companies, most payment providers require that someone is registered as a company or some tight requirements which many will have. That was my case, I came across Flutterwave, after integrating their solution in the application I am building I felt like I had to put into a tutorial for other developers to benefit. On the Flutterwave platform, there is no tutorial on integrating Flutterwave with react, so I saw the Developer Circles Challenge as an opportunity to participate in a challenge while sharing knowledge that will help other developers.

What it does

In the tutorial, I explain react concepts such as hooks, components, suspense, and ref and show how to use them to integrate Facebook Login and payment with Flutterwave. This tutorial is mainly for people who are looking for an African payment solution provider that supports common payment methods used by Africans especially sub-Saharan Africa.

How I built it

I used Github pages to host the tutorial, locally I used Jekyll run the markdown and VsCode to write the tutorial. Regarding the content of the tutorial itself, the sample codes are built with NextJs a react js framework for building server-rendered react applications. Plus I used the Flutterwave V3 library to interact with their API.

Challenges I ran into

The major challenge was coming out with a simple workflow for integrating payment and presenting the tutorial so it is easy to understand.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Participating in the community challenge is always an opportunity for me to build something I am happy about. I write little generally but it was fun coming up with this tutorial.

What I learned

I learn about a Payment solutions provider that I believe work for Africans.

What's next for Ping-React

I am yet to finish with the platform that inspired the tutorial. That will be the next step, after that will consider an update and run an event to show people how to integrate payment in their platform with react.

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