3D games often have limited and counter-intuitive controls. They could be potentially far more fun with better controls. How about a wii within your phone?

What it does

Use your phone as your controller, via webapp on phone. This serves as your Virtual Racket. Using this virtual racket, interact with the Table Tennis game on screen.

How we built it

A central server handles communication between 2 players and stores player positional data + computes the position of the ball. Accelerometer and gyroscope data are used for racket orientation detection in the mobile phone. Racket position is tracked via optical webcam tracking.

ThreeJS is the library we use for WebGL graphics. Everything runs in browser and nodejs.

Challenges we ran into

Accelerometer did not yield accurate position and velocity data upon computation. We used webcam to replace 3D position tracking after that.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Mapping device motion to racquet motion.

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