Ping is a cross-platform anonymous location sharing app that allows you to Ping your location in order to get the locations of others around you. This then allows you to start one on one real-time conversations with nearby strangers. Sign up, choose a nickname to represent yourself and Ping, it's that simple.

This idea was inspired by how interconnected people are, and how the power of internet has influenced the world. The target-ed audience is diverse, we hope to improve the social life and make connections from across the world for any generation and any body.

The key features that make us most proud are the fully responsive website, the cross-platform phone apps, and the how flexible this idea could be. We had this idea that not only can people see the geo-location of other people using the same app, but they can also chat with them. This way, you can experience the culture and diversity that's all the way across the globe at the touch of one button.

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