Pinball has always been one of my favourite arcade games. With the theme in mind, I wanted to make something that celebrates the love I have for it!

What it does

Inspired by the classic pinball, Pineball inherits many of the components that we love in the original game: flippers to hit the ball, bumpers and edges to bounce from and a satisfying gameplay!

All this takes a natural twist as the ball (A pinecone!) is launched up from a river to travel across the board bumping off from natural elements like rocks, stones, flowers and hills; through different physiographic zones which lie across the map.

The map has 6 regions: the Green Grasslands, the Icy Enclave, the Rocky Desert, the Valley of Flowers, the Vapour Swamps and the Lower Plains. Each region presents its own features.

GAMEPLAY INSTRUCTIONS: Your goal is to maximize your score. You do this by not letting the ball drop down. You get 3 balls to play, and after the 3rd ball drops, the game ends.

Space/Down Arrow: To lauch the ball. Hold to increase potential.

Left Arrow / A:Left Flipper

Right Arrow / D: Right Flipper

How we built it

I first drew up a rough draft of how the game should look. Then after running some initial experiments on Unity, I started working on the game art. I made all the art myself on Procreate. After that I started with making the actual game (on Unity) based on the rough draft which I had made earlier.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge that I faced was that there was a huge power cut due to a storm last night. This meant that I couldn't even use fans and air conditioners, let alone the wi-fi. To add on, I needed to charge my laptop ASAP. Well thankfully after 3 hours or so the power came back and I was able to resume my work. But the anxiety that I might not be able to submit was very real!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making a complete game, art included, by myself in a weekend! The fact that it is also one of my all time favourite games is just the cherry on top of the cake!

What we learned

This was the first time I used the 2D lighting system in Unity so I learnt a lot about that. Also got to know tons about the Unity physics engine.

What's next for Pineball

More mechanics, better graphics, some animations!

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