All the member of the team are avid travellers — and once we have realised that we are facing the same problem: it is very hard to predict how your food order will look like in reality, especially if you are in a foreign country. That's why we came with the idea of the Pineapple. Unlike the traditional food pictures that make it very hard to evaluate the size of the portion, and that also don't usually look good in a well-designed menu, Pineapple offers the ultimate solution to the problem. The mouth-watering 3D models will increase customer satisfaction and make people more eager to try out new things!

What it does

The app allows placing virtual food on your yet empty plate in a restaurant — so that you can always see what you get before you order it! That gives the customers a great opportunity to estimate the size and the contents of the portion, facilitating food waste reduction and healthier dining. Eat what you want to eat — towards more sustainable and healthy food consumption!

How we built it

We have added our computer vision algorithm to the Apple ARkit pipeline.

Challenges we ran into

Mostly technical challenges: it was very time-consuming to debug low-level C code with Xcode.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Plate detector that is very robust do different plates.

What we learned

Apple ARkit documentation is far from being perfect yet!

What's next for pineapple

Partner up with the leading restaurant chains to increase the customer satisfaction

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