Pine.RIP is the love child of Karolina (funeral service student and death educator) and Ada (software consultant). Together, we want to modernize our approach to death with creative technologies. Bringing shrines into people's homes and spiritual practices is just the beginning of our vision of a world in which death is embraced. We want to normalize death as an opportunity for intimacy, reverence, and expansion; and not just a painful event to avoid or ignore.

What it does

The core of the project is the DIY shrine kit that you can use to create portable shrines out of pine boxes using art and spiritual tools. The intention of the ritual is that you're present with grief, and we're using Snapchat as a means to:

  1. Allow your family to be a part of your ritual by allowing them to share pictures and videos of your loved one to your "shrine room" which will be shown by scanning our logo with the Snapchat camera.

  2. Allow you to share meditations to your Snapchat friends with your Bitmoji, eg.

How I built it

For the meditations, I wrote a library that can create AMP web stories from clojure. It has the central idea that if a story is a collection of pages, then it can be represented as a regular data structure in clojure and therefore has access to the full power of clojure for creating templates.

For the lens as shown in the video

Challenges I ran into

The Bitmoji integration isn't complete yet, and I was unable to access to Snapchat Stories API, but I hope to integrate it with my own stories library.

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