Smart dustbin

Rubbish collection done right.

Rubbish talk


Traditional ways of rubbish collection involves the rubbish collector going down to the rubbish chute/storage place to empty the rubbish.

Sometimes although the rubbish storage area is not full or empty but the rubbish collector will still head down to collect it.

This is a wastage of

  • Manpower
  • Fuel (Not environmentally friendly and costly)
  • Productivity

Also, sometimes even though the rubbish storage area is full. The rubbish collector would not know it and would only collect it during the next scheduled routine. This is a likely cause of fire hazard.

what if

We aim to solve this problems in this project.

Our project - Smart Dustbin

Provides a very simple solution to this very traditional method using technology.

Our dustbins fullness will be sensed by a Arduino mounted with ultrasonic sensors and sent to our server's restful APIs.

Our servers will then compute and provide a web application manage system and inform the users which location should the rubbish collector go first and last that day. It'll also compute the most efficient route to save fuel.

Do view the images posted for the dustbin management system and also the Arduino mounted on our "dustbins" on how it works.

** Note: We did not post videos on how it works due to the fact that we are tethering on our phone and bandwidth is limited **

** Note: We did not post our dustbin management system link because you'll need a login to view it. Come find us and we'll be glad to show u a demo on the system**

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Other Uses

Note that this can also be used for other purposes like recycling bins for HDB flats. This is due to the fact that they are not always full and sometimes they are always full due to spring cleaning. :)

recycling dustbin image

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