My neighbors complained about our dog barking, so we wanted to have proof that our dog was not barking.

What it does

PinDrop gathers sound data using any device's microphone and displays it in a chart for viewing. This chart can then be viewed from any other device you log in with.

How I built it

I used flowkey:microphone to gather the sound data, c3 to create the chart, and semantic for the UI.

Challenges I ran into

I'd like to have threshold alerts that would send out a text or push notification but adding a threshold to the chart wasn't working.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This was my first Meteor hackathon so I was just glad I was able to get the data streaming accomplished.

What's next for PinDrop

Threshold alerts, saving the charts.

Built With

  • flowkey:microphone
  • peernohell:c3
  • raix:handlebar-helpers
  • rcy:nouislider
  • semantic:ui
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