We want to build an app that can provide a fun and easy way for people to adopt pets

What it does

Allows people to scroll through a list of pets from the Petfinder API and like pets, if its a match then the owner will connect with you.

How I built it

I used mostly typescript, html, css to build the frontend. We didnt build a backend because we are using the Api provided by Petfinder. Petfinder uses Oauth token, so we have it stored in our redux store whenever we need to fetch data from the api, and uses it for any subsequent request. We used images from Sooodesign on dribbble, and we got inspiration of the layout from pritesh on dribbble

Challenges I ran into

We only have 2 team members so we barely have enough time to complete the project. Also one of our team member has very limited web development experience so she has to learn from scratch. We also have mobile design in mind when we first started and realized later that the tablet view and web view are not as optimized.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to learn new things along the way, and actually built a website that uses the Petfinder api and helps the society.

What I learned

We learnt a lot about web design when we are designing the project, we also learnt how to collaborate in stressful situation.

What's next for Pinder

Make the backend more robust so there can be real time chat, uses google map api have features like limiting the search radius etc..

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