What it does

The problem we want to solve is described in the following blog post: In short: We wrote an application for developers working in teams to document, manage and share their problems, solutions, programming patterns, code snipplets and best practices. An application which combines the functionality of a notes app with simple organization on a pinboard and the possibility to share code snippets. We want something that lets us document ideas and problems and solutions that are too small to write an article about, but which are worth remembering. We really liked the pinboard idea and so we will widely stuck to this pattern to achieve the goals we described above and in the blog post.

How we built it

We started with an intensive non coding part. Drawing Mockups and discussing the data models we will need. With that basement we started coding.

Challenges we ran into

Building a reorderable grid list

What I learned

That react is awsome ;)

What's next for Pinboard

After our first version and hopefully some test users all around the world from the meteor community we are very currious about all the feedback we will get. Our next steps are:

  • Include client side encryption for pinboard data
  • Stable version 1.0
  • Building optimized apps for mobile use

Built With Meteor, React, Skeleton


  • react
  • standard-minifiers
  • meteor-base
  • mobile-experience
  • mongo
  • blaze-html-templates
  • session
  • jquery
  • tracker
  • logging
  • reload
  • random
  • ejson
  • spacebars
  • check
  • http
  • accounts-password
  • kadira:flow-router
  • kadira:react-layout
  • meteorhacks:flow-layout
  • aldeed:collection2
  • matb33:collection-hooks
  • dburles:collection-helpers
  • ongoworks:security
  • aldeed:simple-schema
  • underscore
  • fourseven:scss
  • pagebakers:ionicons
  • tap:i18n
  • mquandalle:bower
  • ryanswapp:interactjs
  • chuangbo:marked
  • jparker:gravatar

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