When you code, often you copy a line of code (ctrl+c) and you would like it to be with you, to stay in memory, to be able to retrieve it later, but then you copy another piece of code and the previous one gets lost, forever. If you need it again, you have to copy it again, but you have to start looking for it again and wasting time.

What it does

Pin Board is a storage tool that other than copying a piece of code/text in memory (same function of ctrl+c), it also adds it to a "Pin Board" where you are able to see it. Not only see it, but if you click on one of the stored items, you can copy it in memory and quickly retrieve it with the usual paste command (ctrl+v).

The copy command of Pin Board is triggered by the combination Ctrl+Alt+C.

How we built it

Pin Board is a plugin of the Atom editor, therefore it was built using CoffeScript and the Cson notation.

Challenges we ran into

CoffeeScript is a weird language, but after you get used to it it's cool! The API of Atom is not documented properly enough, and there is not enough material about Atom on the Internet.

The storage capacity of PinBoard is limited, because of a problem in making the data retrieval from the Pin Board generic. In fact, it seems quite hard to get to know which item on the Pin Board was pressed, and because of this, there has to be a method for each slot in the Pin Board, making the storage capacity limited.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a tool that can make the life of programmers easier! And of course taming CoffeeScript ;-)

What we learned

First of all, that Atom is a stunning text editor, and it's easily customizable! How the plugins in Atom work, their structure and functions. Let's not forget about the revision of JavaScript but in a different shape, CoffeeScript :)

What's next for Pin Board

Making it possible to get to know which Pin Board element was pressed, in order to make its capacity unlimited and make only one function to retrieve the data stored in it.

Making the pinboard graphical: it will be possible to open it by pressing a button on the editor and see a list of boxes, each containing one of the copied texts.

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