I was looking for an operating system independent solution for the MSO-28 200Msa/S Mixed Signal Oscilloscope. Rather than writing an application for each OS, I wanted to see if I can target the browser instead. The goal is to control the MSO-28 from a smartphone without rooting it. The RaspberryPi provided a low cost solution for hardware control, wireless access point and web server.

How it works

The USB based MSO-28 enumerate as a serial device on the RaspberryPi. Nginx and spawn-fcgi are the webserver and fcgi gateway. mso28fcgi parses the fcgi queries and controls the MSO-28.

Challenges I ran into

In addition to the state machines inside the MSO-28's FPGA, additional state machines had to be implemented on the client side javascript code to handle the control/data handshake between the browser and the remote controlled MSO-28.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

High speed control of the hardware. Live data sampled at 200Msa/S was accurate and usable.

What I learned

Fullstack, from client side UI to server side hardware control.

What's next for PiMSO

Flesh out the client side code out and make it responsive.

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