We have a tricycle. It was stupid. Now, it is smart.

What it does

What doesn't it do?

  • It's got GPS!
  • It's got fidget spinners!
  • It's got license plate scanners!
  • It's got face detection!
  • It's got emotion recognition!
  • It's got Alexa skill integration!
  • It's got stickers!
  • It's got 3 wheels!
  • It's got fun for all ages!
  • It's got headlights!
  • It's got swag!
  • It's got style!
  • It's got Facebook camera effects!
  • It's got augmented reality!
  • It's got raspberry pi!

How we built it

Hard work, dedication, and love <3

Challenges we ran into

Too much fun at times

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We had lots of fun

What we learned

How to have tons of fun

What's next for Internet of Trikes

MORE FUN!!! Domain:

ar effect 1

ar effect2

ar effect3

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