Being away from home for so many years does not have to imply being really away from your family & and their needs. Given in 66 countries remittances is about 5% of the GDP then it's clear intermediaries are taking a piece of that cake home. Let's recover some of our lose value. I imagine a universal liquidity provision, where anybody can be a liquidity provider, so when doing a transfer, somebody is earning something instead of private companies and, off course, the banks.

What it does

Introduces a better way of dealing with family support. Applications in traditional finance are nothing beyond the execution of a transaction skipping crossing borders. I imagine a tool that give you a real overview of your closed ones needs, how much do they need and when do they need it. Also, having a possibility of creating a shared family pools, where anybody can contribute or take as much as they need, for example, as emergency fund.

How I built it

There is just a basic contract that keep tracks of "fund" requests and allow the giver to fund the amount. The idea behind it is to use on-chain oracle to keep track of exchange rates, giving usually people abroad send another coin, e.g. EUR to COP, Colombian Peso, in my very personal case.

The source code can be checked at

Challenges I ran into

I had 0 null nada knowledge of Aeternity before starting the haeckaton, so a lot of time was invested in understanding the technology + actually developing an idea + no full time availability. The community was really supportive so kudos to that, all my question were solved with advice in what content to read about the topic.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I managed to do something. I was several times about to abort the mission but until the very end I come up with something, that partially works but I am happy with how this technology makes really easy to iterate & deploy changes.

What I learned

I learned about how aeternity blockchain works, internal & differentiators, how to deploy a web3 deapps (my very first!) and there is a lot of people out there with amazing ideas to make the world a better place.

What's next for Pimp My Family

I guess implementing basic feature, a real MVP, then connecting it with the real world and start using it.

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