Amazon Echo's Alexa voice assistant is the perfect low-barrier entry point for senior citizens to communicate well with technology.

What it does

Pillzio allows users to track their medications online through a web app, and Alexa manages your daily dosages and missed doses in order to keep caregivers in the loop while sustaining the user's independence.

How I built it

Node.js - Routing/Back end Express - Front end for web app Pug - HTML template engine Twilio - API for caregiver texts Alexa SDK - Alexa Voice Skill AWS Lambda - Alexa back end logic

Challenges I ran into

Creating post requests with Alexa is incredibly difficult (nested continuations) with the current SDK.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It was very rewarding once the voice assistant was able to full communicate the server with all API endpoint requests.

What I learned

Alexa HTTP requests, HTML templating engines like Jade/Pug

What's next for Pillzio

Expanding features to include personal medication tracking and a child-centered mode.

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