Pillrack is a mobile app for smartphones running on Apple IOS or Android. Pillrack lets users keep track of medicines and vaccines and organize them into groups according to their needs. A search for medicine will show all the matching medicines and will also offer spelling suggestions. Pillrack will provide user with the Brand Name, Generic Name and Dosage Information for the selected medicine. After adding medicine to a rack, user will be able to view the dosage information or send the medicines in the rack to their care giveror anyone via email or a text message. The submitted ver of the app required Android OS [Smartphone or tablet, 1.5 or higher]. The apk file is compressed into zip format. This zip file, when opened from an Android device, will open to reveal the apk file and subsequently install the apk file. Once installed, look for Pillrack in the applications and the help text in the app will guide the user on how to use the app.

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