PillPal is a cute internet of things device to manage your prescriptions and remind you when to take your dosage!


  • Sends reminders to your phone through notifications and to the hardware device via LCD color display.
  • Prescriptions and corresponding reminders are preprogrammed through a mobile application. Information is secure to each user.
  • Automatically distributes the correct dosage at each time of dose.
  • Notifies you when you're are running low on your prescription to help you refill before you run out.
  • Can manage multiple prescriptions and multiple users and their specific doses and pills.


Each person on this team has a personal stake in this project. Whether we ourselves take pills regularly and have to deal with the hassle of maintaining and managing our prescriptions or whether it's an elderly relative who also struggles with this problem and whose health we worry for, this solution would help us all.


This hackathon has been a particularly intense one for us. We, a group of 2 CS, 1 Chemistry, 1 EE (all in 3 people), did not intend to deep dive into hardware and 3D printing. As we planned and worked on the idea, however, we realized that a workable prototype could very well be possible. So we stressed at the "Time Remaining" display on the 3D printer and worked through the night on the server side code and spent nearly 1/5 of our time on a stupid FSR sensor to weigh. All to make the beauty we'd like to show you pictures of below. Enjoy.

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